Get the gear, protect the brain. 

100% of the proceeds go to the TBI Fund Inc. to help purchase helmets for youth in sports.


5th Annual
Tony's Turkey Trot

November 28, 2019


What We Do

The Tony Meduri TBI Fund, Inc has been operating since 2015 to raise awareness of traumatic brain injuries and support survivors. 

In the United States alone, there are as many as 3.8 million concussions that occur during competitive sports each year, and, unfortunately, between 1.1 and 1.9 of those concussions occur in children. 

The risks are too high to not take action. That is why we launched our newest campaign, “Play it Protect it “ to help combat the risk of concussions and brain injuries in children’s sports. The goal of the campaign is simple- to help provide top rated safety helmets to as many student athletes as possible.

The “Play it Protect it” campaign is comprised of three aspects:

  1. Working with school Athletic Directors to assist in educational workshops about concussion prevention and determine their qualifications for helmet funding .

  2. Ambassadorship where students share our mission, earn hours and free gear by signing up to be an ambassador for their school.

  3. Donations and sponsorships are needed to help us purchase quality helmets at special pricing OR purchase The Play it Protect it sports apparel branded with our logo and 100% of your purchase goes to support our campaign.



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Ask us how we can promote helmet safety in your school here.


The Inspiration

Tony Meduri, Ann-Marie Tucker

Tony Meduri, Ann-Marie Tucker

As the CEO and founder of The Tony Meduri TBI Fund Inc, I have been raising awareness of traumatic brain injuries since my father suffered and eventually died from a traumatic brain injury (TBI). I am also the mother of two boys who love and play sports. However, the number of concussions suffered in youth sports is estimated to be as high as 1.9 million per year, which is staggering. Concussions are a mild TBI and can happen in almost any sport, at any moment. Like all parents, I want to protect my kids as much as possible. The struggle between protecting my children and letting them play youth sports, which have many benefits, led to the inspiration for our Play It, Protect It Campaign.

The Play It, Protect It Campaign goal is to promote helmet safety in youth sports and raise funds to help purchase the best helmets on the market and provide to youth’s in need. We also plan to raise awareness in the community about brain injury in youth sports and actions needed to hep prevent brain injuries. We plan to raise $25,000 for our our campaign through donations and by supporters purchasing our Play it Protect it Gear .

— Ann-Marie Tucker, Founder of the Tony Meduri TBI Fund, Inc.