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Tony’s Life

Want to Learn More About TBI?

Below are videos of some of Tony’s good and bad days with TBI – showing what it’s really like to live with a TBI.


Below is Tony 1.5 months after the accident — 64 years old and still in the hospital.


In the News

The Tony Meduri TBI Fund, Inc. is kicking off a new campaign this year, called ‘Play It, Protect It.’

Watch the News4Jax story here.

The following video clip is of The Tony Meduri TBI Fund Inc President, Ann-Marie Tucker with survivor Bruce Traub and Djenaba Burns with biaf.org on the First Coast Living Segment about Camp TBI.


Anne Marie Tucker with Wolf Retirement Navigation on First Coast News  11/18/2015


9/16/19: You Should Run; Protecting Against Youth Concussions; Cole Pepper

Click here to listen.

Photo Credit

Thank you to Michele John Photography for supporting the TBI Fund Inc.